Ohio Education

The quality of children’s education shouldn’t be determined by their zip code.

  • In 2010 Ohio nationally ranked 5th in educational achievement. Today we are 22nd
  • Ohio's Public School Funding System requiring levies on property owners to fund local schools is Unconstitutional and has been for the past 25 years.


  • School/District Report Cards. Currently this data only reveals one day of a school year and is then measured against the next class of students coming into that grade the following year.  This is how the Ohio Board of Education determines if a school is a "failing" school or district. This is a flawed system.
  • Once a school or district is classified by the Ohio Board of Education as "failing" that opens those schools and districts to the Ed-Choice programs. 


  • We need to overhaul the District/School "Report Card" and provide good tangible data to our teachers and administrators that will help them educate and prepare our children for their future. 
  • We need to strengthen our public education funding system by eliminating or severely restricting the Ed-Choice and Ed-Choice Plus Programs. These programs takes public tax dollars and funds private schools with zero accountability to tax payers.
  • I will work with our local school boards and superintendents along with legislators at the statehouse to address and work on solutions to fully fund public schools.  I will make your children’s education a priority at the statehouse!

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