Clean air and water is a right for every Ohioan.

We must protect our environment at the same time we help farmers sustainably grow their crops. Donna will work with both environmentalist and farmers to find scientific based solutions to stop chemical run off into our streams, watersheds, and drinking systems. 

Donna supports an “all of the above effort” in renewable energy.

  • We must decrease the zoning restrictions and setbacks on the placement of solar panels and wind turbines. This is an opportunity for our struggling farmers to subsidize their income and support our clean energy grid.
  • We should also increase incentives for our communities to invest in renewable energy and start the process of moving away from fossil fuels.
  • We must protect our wetlands from further development – we only have 10% left in the state. The State should work with water conservancies and work to re-write zoning laws that affect future housing and commercial development in Ohio's wetlands.  

Donna will work with Green Tech companies to bring Green Union Jobs to Ohio.

This is the future of manufacturing! Wind, Solar, and Carbon Capture is a great start and we must embrace tech to save our planet. 

Aren't you tired of living in a reactionary government? We are so focused on fixing issues from yesterday and today that we don’t plan for our future – for our environment and for our economy. We need a government that can handle both – fixing today’s issues and planning for our tomorrow’s. That is the government I will work to build, so we can leave a lasting legacy, a working economy and a healthy environment, for future generations of Ohioans.

Bee on Sunflower

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