State Rep Candidate Beheydt criticizes republican corruption, asks opponent to return tainted campaign donations

Donna Beheydt, Medina County candidate for State Representative in the 69th District, today called for her opponent, Sharon Ray, to donate to local charity, campaign contributions linked to arrested republican House Leader Larry Householder.

Specifically, Ray accepted political donations of $6500 from Political Education Patterns in the fall of 2019 when she was facing the prospect of a primary opponent in the 2020 election.  This occurred after she accepted the endorsement of arrested Speaker Householder. The Political Action Committee has direct links to the speaker and the dark money Householder used to buy elections in an alleged bribery scheme recently uncovered by the FBI. “It is beyond the pale that Sharon Ray, part of “Team Householder”, by her own admission, keep this tainted money for a political campaign,” Beheydt said. “I call on her to donate this money to a local charity like Feeding Medina County, to help to start to remove the stain from her campaign.”


Beheydt also called for Householder’s resignation and the immediate repeal of HB 6, a huge bailout for First Energy, that was the impetus for House Speaker Housholder’s alleged $60 million bribery scheme. “It is not enough that Householder is stripped of his speakership,” Beheydt said. “He should resign his seat immediately. This is the only way to attempt to restore confidence in this tainted republican dominated legislature.”

Beheydt also explained her call for the repeal of HB 6. “First Energy funneled $60 million dollars to Householder and his cronies in order to pass a billion dollar bailout for the company. And you know who’s paying for that bribe money?” Beheydt asked. “Each and every Medina Countian and Ohioan using First Energy services, every time we pay our bill. It is unconscionable for that legislation to be allowed to stand. If it is indeed necessary legislation, we can repass it without the tainted legislators in Columbus.”

Donna Beheydt is an Air Force veteran, former small business owner and the mother of three children who graduated from Wadsworth City Schools. Her campaign can be reached at 330-703-7607 or at



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