Medina City Resolution - Racism is a Public Health Crisis

A Resolution Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis


WHEREAS, racism has adversely affected the lives of African-Americans for over 400 years, under slavery and Jim Crow, discriminatory laws and policies, and in the face of mass incarceration and disenfranchisement, during which time they were denied opportunities in all areas of their lives; and

WHEREAS, COVID-19 is shining a bright and sorrowful light on the health disparities in the African-American community; and

WHEREAS, systemic racism exists on individual, institutional, and structural levels, all of which operate throughout time and across generations; and

WHEREAS, the negative consequences of pervasive systemic racism have caused disproportionately higher rates of chronic disease, infant and maternal mortality, homelessness, poor education, incarceration, police violence, and economic hardship for African-Americans; and

WHEREAS, racial bias exists throughout our country in the treatment of all people of color; and


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Podcast with the Political Pharmacist

Donna talks to the Eric Geyer, the Political Pharmacist about the access to healthcare in the 69th District.  Access to healthcare is a major issue for Donna and she will work hard to ensure all Ohioans have access to affordable healthcare!  Please listen.

State Rep Candidate Beheydt criticizes republican corruption, asks opponent to return tainted campaign donations

Donna Beheydt, Medina County candidate for State Representative in the 69th District, today called for her opponent, Sharon Ray, to donate to local charity, campaign contributions linked to arrested republican House Leader Larry Householder.

Specifically, Ray accepted political donations of $6500 from Political Education Patterns in the fall of 2019 when she was facing the prospect of a primary opponent in the 2020 election.  This occurred after she accepted the endorsement of arrested Speaker Householder. The Political Action Committee has direct links to the speaker and the dark money Householder used to buy elections in an alleged bribery scheme recently uncovered by the FBI. “It is beyond the pale that Sharon Ray, part of “Team Householder”, by her own admission, keep this tainted money for a political campaign,” Beheydt said. “I call on her to donate this money to a local charity like Feeding Medina County, to help to start to remove the stain from her campaign.”


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Conversation with Sandy Varndell, President of OutSupport Medina

We talk about the landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on identity and employment for the LBGTQ community!

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Conversation with Mayor Carol Carter

We discuss the happenings of Seville Village during the COVID pandemic and how they are coping. The Seville Garage sale has been cancelled!


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COVID Conversation with Pat Walker and Save Your Courthouse Initiative

Today I speak with Attorney Pat Walker, Walker & Jocke Atty, about the Medina County Courthouse and the County Commissioners plans to demo and build a new courthouse on Medina Square. To get more information about this topic please go to

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Dangerous Gun Bills Explained

Innovation Ohio: June 2, 2020 – “The House has chosen this moment -- during a pandemic and a time of nationwide protests over institutional racism -- to bring back Stand Your Ground gun legislation. Stand Your Ground (House Bill 381) allows participants in a tense standoff to shoot to kill instead of deescalating the situation or leaving when it would be safe to do so. Stand Your Ground laws only lead to more violence and death, often at the expense of people of color. The House is also moving bills to effectively allow the carrying of concealed weapons without a license and to end the requirement to immediately notify a law enforcement officers about a concealed firearm during an interaction. House Bill 381 (Stand Your Ground) is up for a hearing Wednesday, as is HB425 (Duty to Notify) and HB178 (Unlicensed Carry). “

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Farmers Market to reopen

Medina Farmers Market is opening June 6th! Here's how they are going to do it! Here's my conversation with Matt from Main Street Medina on the rules and regulations of opening the Farmers Market on June 6th! See you there!


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COVID-19 Conversation with Mike Kovack, Medina County Auditor

Watch my COVID-19 Conversation with Auditor Mike Kovack as we discuss the Auditor's Office operating procedures and about the declining Medina County tax revenues.


COVID-19 Conversation with Scott Sauer

Scott works in the bar and restaurant industry and created a Facebook page that keeps workers updated with COVID-19 Ohio unemployment resources. We discuss this and more!